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1. Which map scale statement is correct?

2. What must be created to establish default attribute values for new feature in a feature class?

3. A GISdepartment is planning a project to inspect and all fire hydrants within their data. As the hydrants are inspected and tested, the information must be sent to a central database, within their office, in real-time. The GIS department will track progress and dispatch repair crews immediately when required.

Which portion of the ArcGIS Platform should be used to meet these requirements?

4. Which editing tool in ArcGIS Pro creates two polygons from a single polygon based on a

drawn line?

5. Which app provides the ability to create and edit forms from a mobile device?

6. In ArcGIS pro, which tool allows a user to zoom to an area using a place name in the Map tab?

7. A GIS technician configures clustering on a point layer in ArcGIS Online and is using the Predominant Category style.

Which of the following behaviors appears as the default in the pop up for the layer?

8. Which ArcGIS Online Feature Layer export option should be used to convertmultiple layers to a File Geodatabase?

9. A GIS technician needs to use Map Viewer to change the style of a layer based on one numeric attribute. The layer needs to contain a range of proportionally sized symbols

Which style should the technician choose?

10. Where can a technician communicate how recently a feature class has had new features added?