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1. A DevOps Engineer has cloned an environment, and configurations must be adjusted for the environment to function correctly. Due to the cloning, the domain and IPs changed during the process.

Specifically for content activation, which two parts of the configurations must be altered? (Choose two.)

2. An html page is published and is accessible through the dispatcher.

A client is trying to access the updated page but is not getting the updated content.

- A rule /type “allow” /glob “*.html” is present in the dispatcher /cache /rules configuration

- The HTTP header “Cache-Control: max-age=3600” is set for all requests with the html extension

- The /invalidate section is not set in the dispatcher configuration

- A flush agent is configured on the publish instance

- A CDN is serving all static content including html files and was flushed manually

Why does the content fail to update on the client side?

3. After which maintenance processes can a datastore garbage collection achieve the most regain of disk space?

4. A DevOps Engineer configures a delay in the out of the box online backup.

What is the result of a delay that is too large?

5. A DevOps Engineer is configuring a non production deployment pipeline. The code quality is checked in the build pipeline. A security check is configured in the deployment pipeline to identify any major security issues before a production deployment.

Which other check should be executed before deployment to production?

6. In what two ways can a DevOps Engineer install a content package? (Choose two.)

7. Which gate needs to be passed after the code is deployed?

8. A DevOps Engineer notices that the disk usage for an AEM author instance is constantly going up.

Upon further investigation, it is revealed:

- Online Compaction is unable to complete revision cleanup task during thedaily maintenance window

- Segment Store Size has gone up from 8 GB to 13 GB

- The following message is logged in the error.log file

Canceling RevisionGC. The task was either stopped by the user or theMaintenance Window reached its end- Lucene Binaries Cleanup task completed successfully during the daily maintenance window

What additional step can be performed during the weekly maintenance window to reduce the overall disk usage?

9. How should a DevOps Engineer perform an AEM upgrade that preserves versions and workflows?

10. A DevOps Engineer needs to change the default size for a tar file to 512 MB.

Which option should be used to enable this configuration?