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1. What command is used to find out which port Multi-Portal has assigned to the Mobile Access Portal?

2. What is the simplest and most efficient way to check all dropped packets in real time?

3. What table does the command "fwaccel conns" pull information from?

4. What is the kernel process for Content Awareness that collects the data from the contexts received from the CMI and decides if the file is matched by a data type?

5. Where do Protocol parsers register themselves for IPS?

6. Which command do you need to execute to insert fw monitor after TCP streaming (out) in the outbound chain using absolute position? Given the chain was 1ffffe0, choose the correct answer.

7. What are the four ways to insert an FW Monitor into the firewall kernel chain?

8. Check Point's PostgreSQL is partitioned into several relational database domains.

Which domain contains network objects and security policies?

9. During firewall kernel debug with fw ctl zdebug you received less information than expected. You noticed that a lot of messages were lost since the time the debug was started.

What should you do to resolve this issue?

10. What command sets a specific interface as not accelerated?