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1. How does Monitoring Console (MC) initially identify the server role(s) of a new Splunk Instance?

2. A customer has asked for a five-node search head cluster (SHC), but does not have the storage budget to use a replication factor greater than 2. They would like to understand what might happen in terms of the users’ ability to view historic scheduled search results if they log onto a search head which doesn’t contain one of the 2 copies of a given search artifact.

Which of the following statements best describes what would happen in this scenario?

3. Monitoring Console (MC) health check configuration items are stored in which configuration file?

4. What should be considered when running the following CLI commands with a goal of accelerating an index cluster migration to new hardware?

5. Which statement is true about subsearches?

6. A customer has been using Splunk for one year, utilizing a single/all-in-one instance. This single Splunk server is now struggling to cope with the daily ingest rate. Also, Splunk has become a vital system in day-to-day operations making high availability a consideration for the Splunk service. The customer is unsure how to design the new environment topology in order to provide this.

Which resource would help the customer gather the requirements for their new architecture?

7. The customer has an indexer cluster supporting a wide variety of search needs, including scheduled search, data model acceleration, and summary indexing.

Here is an excerpt from the cluster mater’s server.conf:

Which strategy represents the minimum and least disruptive change necessary to protect the searchability of the indexer cluster in case of indexer failure?

8. What is the primary driver behind implementing indexer clustering in a customer’s environment?

9. In a single indexer cluster, where should the Monitoring Console (MC) be installed?

10. A customer has downloaded the Splunk App for AWS from Splunkbase and installed it in a search head cluster following the instructions using the deployer. A power user modifies a dashboard in the app on one of the search head cluster members. The app containing an updated dashboard is upgraded to the latest version by following the instructions via the deployer.

What happens?


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