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1. How is data handled by Splunk during the input phase of the data ingestion process?

2. What conf file needs to be edited to set up distributed search groups?

3. Which of the following is accurate regarding the input phase?

4. What action is required to enable forwarder management in Splunk Web?

5. Which Splunk forwarder type allows parsing of data before forwarding to an indexer?

6. In which scenario would a Splunk Administrator want to enable data integrity check when creating an index?

7. You update a props. conf file while Splunk is running. You do not restart Splunk and you run this command: splunk btoo1 props list ―debug .

What will the output be?

8. When configuring HTTP Event Collector (HEC) input, how would one ensure the events have been indexed?

9. Which Splunk component requires a Forwarder license?

10. Using the CLI on the forwarder, how could the current forwarder to indexer configuration be viewed?


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