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Referring to the exhibit, what are two actions that will fulfill the requirements? - Exam4Training

Referring to the exhibit, what are two actions that will fulfill the requirements?

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows a full-mesh topology between FortiGate and FortiSwitch devices.

To deploy this configuration, two requirements must be met:

– 20 Gbps full duplex connectivity is available between each FortiGate and the FortiSwitch devices

– The FortiGate HA must be in AP mode

Referring to the exhibit, what are two actions that will fulfill the requirements? (Choose two.)
A . Configure the master FortiGate with one LAG and FortiLink split interface disabled on ports connected to cables A and C and make sure the same ports are used for cables B and D on the slave.
B . Configure the master FortiGate with one LAG and FortiLink split interface enabled on ports connected to cables A and C and make sure the same ports are used for cables B and D on the slave.
C . Configure both FortiSwitch devices as peers with ICL over cable E, create one MCLAG on ports connected to cables A and C, and create another MCLAG on ports connected to cables B and
E . Configure both FortiSwitch devices as peers with ISL over cable E, create one MCLAG on ports connected to cables A and C, and create another MCLAG on ports connected to cables B and

Answer: AC

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