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1. When configuring QlikView Server to integrate with Microsoft IIS which QlikView service should be installed on the Microsoft IIS server?

2. A QlikView server environment is restarted multiple limes. The system administrator finds this message in the QlikView Server event logs:

Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Phoenix detected:

Performance monitor stuck.

Which are threepossible causes for this error? (Select three)

3. A system administrator is testing a QlikView Server where the Publisher is also licensed After completing the testing phase, the system administrator wants to copy all tasks from the test environment to the production environment.

What should the system administrator do?

4. A system administrator needs to open a support case for an issue related to QlikView Distribution Service task failures. The administrator gathers the appropriate QlikView document and task log files for support staff to analyze.

What additional information should the administrator provide for support staff to ensure optimum response and resolution time?

5. A QlikView Server is using more than 93% of its total memory. Users report slow performance when working within a QlikView document. The Working Set Low value is 70% and the Working Set High value is 90%.

What is causing the performance issue on the server?

6. Users report that the data in several QlikView documents failed to refresh A system administrator needs to determine what is causing the reload failures.

Which log files should the administrator check?

7. A system administrator needs to add resilience redundancy and increase capacity of a QlikView Distribution Service (QDS) What should the administrator do?

8. The reloading of a QlikView document is dependent on an external file being created in a specific folder.

A system administrator has developed a custom application that searches for the external file and communicates with the QlikView Management Service.

Which functionality of the QlikView Distribution Service should the administrator use to reload the QlikView document?

9. A system administrator finds this error message in the event log file 500 Warning WorkingSet: Virtual Memory is growing beyond parameters - 22.761(22.393) GB

Which is the cause of the error?

10. A system administrator configures a new QlikView Server node to integrate with an existing QlikView Server environment

Which port number does the system administrator need to ensure is open for communication with the existing QlikView Management Console?


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