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1. Which two objects are created with ONLY measures? (Select two.)






2. Refer to the exhibit.

A business analyst creates a water fall chart to understand how an initial value is affected by a series of intermediate positive and negative values.

Which two actions must a business analyst perform to create the water fall chart shown? (Select two)

3. What are two ways to calculate the Sales for the ProductCategory. Shoes? {Select two)

4. A customer needs to measure sales by assigned sales representative.

All previous and current sales representative assignments must be included so that sales representatives receive credit for sales activities on both previous and current sales.

Which type of dimension is described by the sales representative assigned to the client?

5. An Invoices table has a DaysOverdue field A chart is required to analyze overdue invoices in 30 day intervals.

Which function should a business analyst use to meet this requirement?

6. A business analyst needs to create a dashboard showing only numerical values. There is NO need to filter data or select any


Which three objects can the business analyst use? (Select three)

7. Refer to the exhibits.

Chart_1 has been transformed into Chart_2

Which action did the business analyst take to transform the chart?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

The Product Sales table shown represents the entire data set. A business analyst adds an expression in a document.

Next, the analyst selects Product Category = 'Bikes' and Product Subcategory = 'Road Bikes'.

What is the result of the expression with these selections'?

9. A business analyst designs a sheet with a list of customers. The analyst wants to add a small image to show the company logo for each customer.

Which three objects meet this requirement? (Select three)

10. A business analyst has data for these fields

• Year

• Sales Amount

• Product Number

• Country

• Order Number

How many dimensions and measures exist?


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