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1. With Pega’s Situational Layer Cake ™ approach, how do you configure a regional variation for Human Resources (HR) time off cases?


Select each task on the left and drag it to the corresponding Application Development Studio on the right, where the task can be completed.

3. An organization has to lines of business: selling books for children and reselling college textbooks.

The division selling books for children can use the same basic user interface (UI) as the reselling textbook with the exception of the payment methods.

How do you apply the Situational Layer Cake™ in this scenario?

4. You are designing a form for an online bookstore to display new arrivals. In the form, the book cover pictures are displayed in a row, like words in a sentence. Once the row reaches the full width of the screen, it wraps around to begin a new row.

Which layout do you use to display the book cover pictures?

5. An online sales application supports both laptop and mobile devices. You are configuring the application skin and you notice the responsive layout in the mobile device & not displaying views as stakeholders require.

Which two options allow you to resolve this situation without negatively impacting the laptop users? (Choose Two)

6. A form listing nearby restaurants has columns:

- Restaurant name

- Restaurant location

- Thumbnail image of the seating area

- Make reservation (check box)

You want to ensure that users have the information they a reservation regardless of screen size. When viewed on a small screen, you do not need to display the images.

What three configuration steps do you take to support this requirement? (Choose Three.)

7. You want your application to have consistent styling across portals. You want the background color of all buttons in your application to be blue. You want the background color of the buttons to be easily updated in case corporate branding changes.

Which attribute do you modify to set the background color?

8. What are the minimum components of a user interface (UI) action set?

9. A reservation process allows customers to reserve a flight, hotel room, and rental car as part of a travel itinerary.

Which configuration displays a check box to allow users to select travel insurance only if the itinerary includes a flight?

10. You are implementing a UI form collecting job applicant information. Users must provide values to certain fields before submitting the form.

Which configuration adds asterisks to indicate the mandatory fields on the form?


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  1. I just noticed that almost all the questions were in my first try exam which I didn’t pass. Do you think that the questions will repeat on my second try or it changes everything?
    Please help!

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