Pegasystems PEGACSSA74V1 Certified Senior System Architect (CSSA) 74V1 Online Training

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1. Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) aims to increase which two aspects of application delivery? (Choose Two)

2. A list report includes columns for purchase requests and regional cost centers. A manager wants the report to show the total number of purchase requests for each of the regional cost centers.

How do you configure the report definition?

3. To qualify for an instant loan, an applicant must be older than 21 and have a monthly income of at least UDS2000.

How do you enforce these restrictions?

4. Which two dependencies do you directly enforce with a Wait step? (Choose Two)

5. A requirement states: When a business guest checks out of a hotel, the guest must complete a hotel review to receive a corporate discount.

Select the case type relationship that satisfies the requirement.

6. Consider the following scenario:

A customer files a fraud complaint. The complaint is investigated by a customer service agent.

• The customer service agent may request additional information from the customer.

• The merchant is notified and given 15 days to dispute the fraud claim.

• If the fraud claim is approved, an affidavit is sent to the customer and a refund is posted to their account.

How do you name the step where the agent investigates the claim for fraud?


Select each Application Design Requirement on the left and drag it to the appropriate Design Approach on the right.

8. A requirement states: The tax identification number must contain 10 digits.

How do you configure the field to support this requirement?

9. An accident claim case creates a vehicle claim case for each vehicle involved in an accident.

Which two configurations prevent the accident claim case from resolving before all vehicle claims are resolved? (Choose Two)

10. The customer then approves the corrected address.

How do you configure this requirement?

11. An applicant submits a loan request. The system validates information on the loan application and calculates the credit score of the applicant based on credit reports and the account history with the bank.

• If the credit score is unacceptable, the customer is notified of the result and the loan application is closed.

• If the credit is acceptable, the loan application is forwarded to a loan officer for review.

• If the loan officer approves the loan request, the loan application is sent to the underwriting department for processing.

• If the loan officer rejects the loan request, the customer is notified of the result and the loan application is closed.

Select the case life cycle design that most closely follows the guidelines for identifying and naming stages for the use case.

12. A help desk ticket case type is defined as follows:

If the Process ticket step is configured to set the status to Pending-Triage, when is the status of the case set to Pending-Triage?


Select each Flow Shape on the left and drag it to the correct Use Case on the right.

14. You are defining a user view for a loan application. If the loan applicant indicates there is an existing open account, the Date account opened must be before the current date. Select the approach that meets the validation requirements.

15. In processing a parent case P-1, two child cases C-1 and C-2 are created.

Which of the following statements is correct about the processing of P-1, C-1, and C-2?

16. Consider the following requirement:

The patient must be able to modify physician details at any time without impacting primary case processing.

Which configuration satisfies this requirement?

17. The business process for an automobile insurance claim consists of the following phases:

• Submission: The customer contacts a customer service representative (CSR) to file the claim.

• Review: An adjuster reviews the claim, assesses the damages to each vehicle, and provides an estimate of the cost of repairs.

• Repair: A third party performs the repairs on each vehicle, communicating with the adjuster and customer as necessary.

• Verification: After each vehicle repair, the adjuster closes the claim.

According to Pega best practices, which phase can you implement as a child case?

18. A company requires that patients receive status updates during processing of medical tests. Patients are not users of the application.

You create the work party for the patient as an instance of which class?

19. Which requirement is satisfied by configuring a service level agreement?

20. Which two requirements demonstrate the need to configure correspondence? (Choose Two)

21. Using the following Refund case life cycle, how do you design this case to skip the Item Return stage if the item will not be returned?

22. When processing an auto accident claim, the system requires three approvals: Approval from the adjuster who inspected the car, approval from the medical administrator who provided medical care to the insured, and approval from the insurance agent who verified the claim.

How do you implement the requirements so each approver can work independently?

23. In a purchase request case type, you have the following requirement: Purchase requests should automatically go to a manager of an employee.

To meet this requirement, you design a case with a____________.


In the Answer area, identify the type of data measured in each report.

25. Which requirement can be implemented through circumstancing?

26. As part of the case design, after someone completes a purchase the application should send a confirmation email.

How do you design the case life cycle to send the email?

27. Users can access an apartment hunting application from different devices with different screen sizes. A screen displays the photos of available properties. By default, the photos are displayed in three columns. When the screen width is less than 800 pixels, the photos should be displayed in two columns.

How do you implement the screen for this requirement?

28. Users can select a check box to subscribe to a messaging service. Selecting the check box displays a field for a user to enter a mobile phone number.

How do you configure the application to display a field for entering a mobile phone number only when the check box is selected?

29. You are building a form that contains a list of courses. Users will select the courses in which they want to enroll.

Which two tasks can you perform in Pega Express? (Choose Two)

30. Which of these options are typically configured on a dynamic layout? (Choose Two)


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