Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA80V1_2020 Pega Certified Lead System Architect (PCLSA) 80V1 2020 – Architecture exam Online Training

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1. An application is being constructed in multiple phases for a growing company that has over 1000 employees. During the initial development stages. It is determined a button on section has to be made conditionally visible based on a group of actors.

What should the conditional visibility be based on to minimize the amount of future maintenance?

2. You oversee a medium size development team, and some of the team members are new to Pega.

What are the two most efficient ways to ensure that the rules the team creates adhere to best practices? (Choose Two.)

3. A purchase order application allows users in their work group to read and write purchase request cases. When the total amount exceeds USD100,000 however, only the work group g manager can read and write the case.

Select two configurations that satisfy the requirement. (Choose two.)

4. A case can be withdraw using a local action. You want to restrict the ability to withdraw a case to the user who created the case or any work group manager of the user.

Select three rule types used in combination to achieve this functionality. (Choose three.)

5. A page application locally stores the same set of codes defied by an used within an external system of record. The Pega application does not locally store the associated to these codes. During case processing, the displayed labels for this set if codes are sourced from the external system of record. On any given data, the label associated to a code may change. You are asked to implement a report definition that display the current label associated to each code whenever the report is run.

How do you design a Pega application to meet this requirement?

6. Select the option in which you would define Content Security Policies.

7. Which two tools and /or methods support continuous integration practices? (Choose Two.)

8. A health plan application includes a process for surgical procedure requests. Currently, there is an evaluation subprocess in which a physician reviews the diagnosis and enters the recommended procedure and its urgency. The request then advances to a medical director who analyzes the feedback and approves the appropriate procedure. The health care organization has created a new requirement, which states that three physicians can perform the evaluation independently. Only two evaluations are necessary to advance the case to the medical director.

How do you configure the process so that the request can continue to be processed if only two of the three physicians approve the order?


Select each task on the left and drag it to the corresponding Application Development Studio on the right, where the task can be completed.


You are managing distributed, geographically dispersed, development teams A, B and

C. Team A is ready to merge changes into their development environment to make available changes to Team B’s Team C’s.

To ensure all development teams are working with the latest version of shared rule base, select and move all of the following tasks to the tasks List Order column and place them in the correct order.


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