Which three non-functional requirements should you recommend?

You are the solution architect on a Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation. The organization requires the following for the implementation: – Define the key non-functional requirements for the customer services team. – Achieve business objectives from the future Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution. You need to identify the top three non-functional requirements for the...

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What should you recommend?

A company provides professional development certifications to technologists around the world. The company uses multiple call centers to support customers. The company plans to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The company must increase productivity for call center employees. The solution must meet the following requirements: – Handle multiple customer interactions at once. – Ensure...

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What should you provide?

Testlet 2 Case study Background Relecloud provides regional air service in North America. The company uses a variety of systems, apps, and services to manage the business. You are hired to design a new solution to manage passenger information, reservations, and maintenance. Current environment – The company uses Microsoft Office 365. – The company...

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