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1. Topic 1, WoodGrove Bank




In the "Banking Fees" section, convert the tab-delimited text to a two-column table. Accept the default AutoFit behavior.


Use a Word feature to replace all instances of " Woodgrove Basic" with Woodgrove Plus":


In the "Checking Accounts' section, in the dark blue text box, insert the text "Anytime Account Access".


In the blank paragraph after the document title, insert a table of contents. Use the Automatic Table 1 style.


You work for Woodgrove Bank. You are preparing a brochure that explains U.S bank account options for international student.

Find the word ''automatic'' and delete it from the document.


In the "Savings Accounts" section, delete the comment that is attached to the text "$3,000".

7. Topic 2, Contoso Pharmaceuticals


Conreleve is a new analgesic (pain reliever). Clinical trials show people tolerate this medicine an final from their pain. In 95% of people, Conreleve worked better than a placebo. (ClinicalTrail1) 3% of people reported side effects when taking Conreleve. Side effects Included nausea,bruising, and dizziness, (ClinicalTrail1)


Researchers at Contoso Pharmaceutical created the active ingredient In Conreleve four years ago, Contoso Pharmaceuticals began clinical trails years ago, Six months ago, the government approved the use and sale of Conreleve.


The medicine is packaged in a turquoise and whitecapsule.

We use the standard capsule size #1, It weight 75 mg and is 16.61 mm long. This capsule size holds to 400 mg of material.

For the inner packaging, we use a standard blister pack with an aluminum backing.

For the outer packaging, we use a standard cardboard box.


Weexpect to being manufacturing the Conreleve capsules in January of next year. Weexpect to produce an initial batch of one million units over three months. We expect to have Conreleve in stores by April of next year.

Fill Material

The fillmaterial for the conreleve capsule is weighed, then sifted and blended together. The fill material includes both active and inactive ingredients, as shown in the next table. After the fill material is blended, It is inspected for quality control before being encapsulated.

Capsule Material

The capsule material itself is also weighed, shifted, and blended. Capsule material is also

melted, formed, and dried. It is then inspected for quality control before encapsulating the fill material.

Manufacturing Process


The Contoso Pharmaceutical marketing team is finalizing its marketing plans. The team will update this documents when the plan is complete.


The marketing team created an advertising campaign target at radio. Expect to hear advertisements during the evening commute on radio stations. The marketing team chose radio stations that appeals to women ages 44-55.

The marketing team is finalizing its plans for an attend the medical conference in July. Distribution

The Contoso Pharmaceutical distribution plans to sell Conreleve at all major drug stores an grocery stores. The distribution team is finalizing plans to offer samples of Conreleve at all public hospitals that have at least 500 beds.


In the " Description" section, Insert a new placeholder citation with the name "Manufacturing1" at the end of the second paragraph after the heading.


In the " Fill Material" section, resize the table so that each column is "2.2" ('5.59 cm") wide.


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