In OpenShift Pipelines, what is a task?

In OpenShift Pipelines, what is a task?
A . A custom resource that defines one or more sequential steps
B . A specific container run to perform an operation
C . A step performed by an operator to set up a pipeline
D . The resource created when a webhook is received

Answer: A


Tasks are the building blocks of a Pipeline and consist of sequentially executed Steps. Steps are a series of commands that achieve a specific goal, such as building an image. Every Task runs as a Pod and each Step runs in its own container within the same Pod. Because Steps run within the same Pod, they have access to the same volumes for caching files, ConfigMaps, and Secrets.

A Task uses inputs parameters, such as a Git resource, and outputs parameters, such as an image in a registry, to interact with other Tasks. They are reusable and can be used in multiple Pipelines.

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