IIA IIA-CIA-Part3 CIA Exam Part Three: Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing Online Training

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1. Technological uncertainty, subsidy, and spin-offs are usually characteristics of:

2. An internal auditor is reviewing physical and environmental controls for an IT organization.

Which control activity should not be part of this review?

3. Which of the following does not provide operational assurance that a computer system is operating properly?

4. An organization produces two products, X and Y. The materials used for the production of both products are limited to 500 kilograms (kg) per month. All other resources are unlimited and their costs are fixed.

Individual product details are as follows:

Product X

Product Y

Selling price per unit



Materials per unit (at $1/kg)

2 kg

6 kg

Monthly demand

100 units

120 units

In order to maximize profit, how much of product Y should the organization produce each month?

5. Evaluate whether the procedures for program change management are adequate.

6. Which of the following stages of group development is associated with accepting team responsibilities?

7. Which of the following standards would be most useful in evaluating the performance of a customer-service group?

8. An internal auditor has been asked to conduct an investigation involving allegations of independent contractor fraud.

Which of the following controls would be least effective in detecting any potential fraudulent activity?

9. According to the waterfall cycle approach to systems development, which of the following sequence of events is correct?

10. Monitoring systems are in place to alert management to unexpected events.


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