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1. What should the internal auditor's role be in assessing the organization's ethical climate?

2. According to COSO, which of the following is not considered one of the components of an organization's internal environment?

3. Which of the following enhances the independence of the internal audit activity?

4. A medical insurance provider uses an electronic claims-submission process and suspects that a number of physicians have submitted claims for treatments that were not performed.

Which of the following control procedures would be most effective to detect this type of fraud?

5. Which of the following activities is most likely to require a fraud specialist to supplement the knowledge and skills of the internal audit activity?

6. Non-statistical sampling does not require which of the following?

7. The internal audit activity is planning a procurement audit and needs to obtain a thorough understanding of the subcontracting process, which can involve multiple individuals in multiple countries.

Which of the following internal audit tools would be most effective to document the process and the key controls?

8. An auditor identifies three errors in the sample of 25 entries selected for review (a 12 percent error rate). Based on this result, the auditor assumes that approximately 59 of the total population of 492 entries are incorrect.

To reach this assumption, the auditor has used a technique known as which of the following?

9. Which of the following is most likely to enhance an internal auditor's objectivity?

10. According to IIA guidance, which of the following should be formally documented in the internal audit charter?


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