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1. Assuming no database connections exist, which of the following will dynamically change the LOCKLIST database configuration parameter for a database named SAMPLE to AUTOMATIC?

2. Which two tasks must be done to read data directly from IBM Softlayer Object Storage and insert it into a DB2 database? (Choose two.)

3. Which of the following statements about compression for BLU MPP tables is TRUE?

4. A production database has the following daily midnight backup schedule which includes all table spaces. The database incurs the same volume of daily activity (inserts, updates, and deletes).

Sunday C Delta

Monday C Incremental

Tuesday C Delta

Wednesday C Delta

Thursday C Incremental

Friday C Delta

Saturday C Full

Which day would you expect a RECOVER DATABASE following that day’s backup to take the longest time to complete?

5. Which statement about NOT ENFORCED unique constraints is TRUE?

6. What is an advantage of using range partitioned tables?

7. A table named MYTABLE contains an XML column and an XML storage object dictionary already exists.

What is the effect of enabling compression and then running the command REORG TABLE mytable KEEPDICTIONARY?

8. The DBA has observed that queries executed against SALES table have poor performance. SALES is a compressed table and recently there have been a lot of rows inserted and modified in that table. The DBA has detected that lower performance may be the result of sub-optimal compression dictionary for that table.

Which of the following commands should be used to resolve the problem without preventing users from changing data in the SALES table

9. If the following SQL statements are executed:


CONNECT TO testdb;

CREATE STOGROUP sg1 ON ‘/data1’;

CREATE STOGROUP ibmstogroup ON ‘/data2’;

CREATE STOGROUP sg2 ON ‘/data3’;

Which storage group is the default storage group for the TESTDB database?

10. If Secure Sockets Layer is a requirement, which of the following parameters must be set to encrypt data in transit?


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