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1. A new test to diagnose a disease is evaluated on 1152 people, and 106 people have the disease, and 1046 people do not have the disease.

The test results are summarized below:

In this sample, how many cases are false positives and false negatives?

2. What is the goal of the backpropagation algorithm?

3. With the help of AI algorithms, which type of analytics can help organizations make decisions based on facts and probability-weighted projections?

4. What is the technique called for vectorizing text data which matches the words in different sentences to determine if the sentences are similar?

5. Which statement is true in the context of evaluating metrics for machine learning algorithms?

6. When should median value be used instead of mean value for imputing missing data?

7. Given the following matrix multiplication:

What is the value of P?

8. A neural network is composed of a first affine transformation (affine1) followed by a ReLU non-linearity, followed by a second affine transformation (affine2).

Which two explicit functions are implemented by this neural network? (Choose two.)

9. The formula for recall is given by (True Positives) / (True Positives + False Negatives).

What is the recall for this example?

10. After importing a Jupyter notebook and CSV data file into IBM Watson Studio in the IBM Public Cloud project, it is discovered that the notebook code can no longer access the CSV file.

What is the most likely reason for this problem?


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