IBM C1000-136 IBM Cloud Pak for Data v4.x Solution Architecture Online Training

It looks so much easy to pass the C1000-136 IBM Cloud Pak for Data v4.x Solution Architecture exam but the truth is, it is the hardest exam to go through. It requires your dedication, hard work, and most accurate preparation material for the purpose of getting good grades in IBM C1000-136 exam. I think aim to get good grades in IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Pak for Data v4.x C1000-136 is the secret of your success, first of all, prepare yourself for it then make a decision from where you have to buy your IBM C1000-136 IBM Cloud Pak for Data v4.x Solution Architecture Online Training and then start work on it and I am 100% sure you will make it with high percentage.

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1. In Cloud Pak for Data, what is a primary use case for implementing data governance information architecture?

2. Which two use cases can be delivered via Cognos Analytics?

3. When using Azure ML service with Watson OpenScale, which file format must be used for web service deployments?

4. A customer has data in an Oracle database and wants to sync their data assets to Watson Knowledge Catalog's default catalog.

What type of connection do they need to add in the Information Assets view?

5. What are two event severity levels within Cloud Pak for Data?

6. What is the purpose of an Industry Accelerator?

7. What is a data fabric?

8. An energy company is creating an ML model to predict when there will be extra demand on the energy grid so preventative action can be taken to reduce usage leading up to the predicted event. The model is being monitored using OpenScale in Watson Studio.

Which action can be taken to ensure that they can identify when the model negatively affects certain locations based on the input data?

9. Which two types of custom workflows are supported by Watson Knowledge Catalog?

10. Cognos Analytics integrates with which data science offering?


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