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Using Huawei Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU HCIP-Access V2.5 Online Training you can pass the Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam easily. The first time you try to participate in HCIP-Access H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam, selecting latest H35-211_V2.5-ENU HCIP-Access V2.5 practice questions and answers will increase your confidence of passing the exam and will effectively help you pass the final Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam.

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1. Both XGS-PON and GPON have asymmetric upstream and downstream rates.

2. During the SIP voice service provisioning process, what is the port corresponding to the default VLAN on the user side of the ONT?

3. Compared with GPON, XGS-PON can cover more users and provide higher bandwidth rate on the premise of the same ODN network architecture.

4. When configuring the multicast service on the MA5600T/MA5680T, the multicast WLAN program adopts the static configuration mode. Which of the following options must be configured, otherwise the multicast program may not be able to be viewed?

5. During the implementation of QoS for home broadband services, the DBA speed limit function is configured. Where is it taking effect?

6. Which of the following options is correct about congestion management?

7. Deploying QoS can solve the problem of user service quality in the process of network communication. Its purpose does not include?

8. In the GPON system, in order to ensure the priority forwarding of important services, which queue scheduling method is recommended?

9. The double-rate three-color marking (TrTCM) algorithm can guarantee the basic bandwidth (CIR) of users, and allow users to obtain additional bandwidth services (PIR) when the network is idle, improving the utilization of network resources.

10. After the ONU is powered on, the unconfigured ONU cannot be automatically discovered on the OLT. What is the reason for the impossibility?


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