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1. The SR message in TCP is a sending report, which describes the sending and receiving statistics of the sending gateway.

2. In multimedia services, RTP is used for real-time data message transmission, and RTCP is used to detect the service quality of RTP sessions.

3. The voice enhancement technology Jitter Buffer uses a signal wave of human intervention to eliminate the echo signal generated in the communication process, while retaining other normal voice signals to achieve the normal use of communication.

4. Voice enhancement technology, automatic noise suppression ANR can solve the problem of the overall low or high call volume in the line.

5. Image format refers to the size or resolution of the image. Commonly used image formats include SOCIF, QCIF, CIF, ACIF, 16CIF, HD and Full HD.

6. The video signal starts from the input terminal equipment, encodes and compresses it and sends it to the network, and finally displays it. It has undergone many images processing links in the middle, mainly including: IP camera, preprocessing, compression encoding, data encapsulation and transmission, decoding, Image format changes, playback.

7. Full HD image resolution is?

8. Illuminance, expressed by the luminous flux received per unit area, expressed in lux (Lux, lx).

9. The arrangement of lamps and lanterns requires direct illumination to avoid diffuse reflection.

10. The color of the desktop should be adjacent to the skin color or gray, and avoid the same color as the skin color, the reflectivity of the desktop should be higher than the skin color to highlight the skin image.


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