How should this customization be done?

An Adobe Commerce Architect gets a request to change existing payment gateway functionality by allowing voided transactions only for a certain range of paid amounts.

In the vendor module file etc/config.xml,payment method has an option can,_voidsetto 1.

How should this customization be done?
A . Extend MagentoPaymentModel\MethodAdapter and reimplement method void. Use this new class as a new type of payment method facade configuration overriding virtualType type for adapter.
B. Declare a new plugin for class MagentoPayment GatewayConfigConfigValueHandler and using the afterHandle method, change the result for Subject can_void.
C. Add new handler with name can_void to virtualType based on typeMagento paymentGatewayconfigValueHandlerPool In payment method facade configuration.

Answer: A


payment facade is an instance of Payment Adapter configured with virtual types and allows to process payment actions between Magento Sales Management and payment processor. It also says that you can add dependency injection (DI) configuration for payment method facade in your %Vendor_Module%/etc/di.xml file.

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