How can the organization achieve this?

An organization has three separate AWS accounts, one each for development, testing, and production. The organization wants the testing team to have access to certain AWS resources in the production account.

How can the organization achieve this?
A .  It is not possible to access resources of one account with another account.
B .  Create the IAM roles with cross account access.
C .  Create the IAM user in a test account, and allow it access to the production environment with the IAM policy.
D .  Create the IAM users with cross account access.

Answer: B


An organization has multiple AWS accounts to isolate a development environment from a testing or production environment. At times the users from one account need to access resources in the other account, such as promoting an update from the development environment to the production environment. In this case the IAM role with cross account access will provide a solution. Cross account access lets one account share access to their resources with users in the other AWS accounts.


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