How can terraform plan aid in the development process?

How can terraform plan aid in the development process?
A . Validates your expectations against the execution plan without permanently modifying state
B. Initializes your working directory containing your Terraform configuration files
C. Formats your Terraform configuration files
D. Reconciles Terraform’s state against deployed resources and permanently modifies state using the current status of deployed resources

Answer: A


"The terraform plan command creates an execution plan, which lets you preview the changes that Terraform plans to make to your infrastructure. By default, when Terraform creates a plan it:

Reads the current state of any already-existing remote objects to make sure that the Terraform state is up-to-date.

Compares the current configuration to the prior state and noting any differences. Proposes a set of change actions that should, if applied, make the remote objects match the configuration."

"The plan command alone will not actually carry out the proposed changes, and so you can use this command to check whether the proposed changes match what you expected before you apply the changes or share your changes with your team for broader review.

If Terraform detects that no changes are needed to resource instances or to root module output values, terraform plan will report that no actions need to be taken."

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