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1. Topic 1, HipLocal

Case Study

Company Overview

HipLocal is a community application designed to facilitate communication between people in close proximity. It is used for event planning and organizing sporting events, and for businesses to connect with their local communities. HipLocal launched recently in a few neighborhoods in Dallas and is rapidly growing into a global phenomenon. Its unique style of hyper-local community communication and business outreach is in demand around the world.

Executive statement

We are the number one local community app; it’s time to take our local community services global. Our venture capital investors want to see rapid growth and the same great experience for new local and virtual communities that come online, whether their members are 10 or 10,000 miles away from each other.

Solution concept

HipLocal wants to expand their existing service, with updated functionality, in new regions to better serve their global customers. They want to hire and train a new team to support these regions in their time zones. They will need to ensure that the application scales smoothly and provides clear uptime data.

Existing technical environment

HipLocal’s environment is a mix of on-premises hardware and infrastructure running in Google Cloud Platform. The HipLocal team understands their application well but has limited experience in global scale applications.

Their existing technical environment is as follows:

[email protected]

Business requirements

HipLocal’s investors want to expand their footprint and support the increase in demand they are seeing.

Their requirements are:

[email protected]

Technical requirements

[email protected]

HipLocal is configuring their access controls.

Which firewall configuration should they implement?

2. HipLocal wants to improve the resilience of their MySQL deployment, while also meeting their business and technical requirements.

Which configuration should they choose?

3. Which service should HipLocal use to enable access to internal apps?

4. In order to meet their business requirements, how should HipLocal store their application state?

5. HipLocal wants to reduce the number of on-call engineers and eliminate manual scaling.

Which two services should they choose? (Choose two.)

6. HipLocal's APIs are showing occasional failures, but they cannot find a pattern. They want to collect some metrics to help them troubleshoot.

What should they do?

7. Which database should HipLocal use for storing user activity?

8. HipLocal has connected their Hadoop infrastructure to GCP using Cloud Interconnect in order to query data stored on persistent disks.

Which IP strategy should they use?

9. Which service should HipLocal use for their public APIs?

10. In order for HipLocal to store application state and meet their stated business requirements, which database service should they migrate to?


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