GAQM ISO27-13-001 ISO 27001 : 2013 – Certified Lead Auditor Online Training

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1. Which of the following statements are correct for Clean Desk Policy?

2. Changes on project-managed applications or database should undergo the change control process as documented.

3. What type of legislation requires a proper controlled purchase process?

4. Which is not a requirement of HR prior to hiring?

5. Information or data that are classified as ______ do not require labeling.

6. What is a repressive measure in case of a fire?

7. What type of measure involves the stopping of possible consequences of security incidents?

8. Access Control System, CCTV and security guards are form of:

9. -------------------------is an asset like other important business assets has value to an organization and consequently needs to be protected.

10. Implement plan on a test basis - this comes under which section of PDCA


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