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1. In acceptable use of Information Assets, which is the best practice?

2. An employee caught with offense of abusing the internet, such as P2P file sharing or video/audio streaming, will not receive a warning for committing such act but will directly receive an IR.

3. Information or data that are classified as ______ do not require labeling.

4. Often, people do not pick up their prints from a shared printer .

How can this affect the confidentiality of information?

5. Which measure is a preventive measure?

6. There was a fire in a branch of the company Midwest Insurance. The fire department quickly arrived at the scene and could extinguish the fire before it spread and burned down the entire premises. The server, however, was destroyed in the fire. The backup tapes kept in another room had melted and many other documents were lost for good.

What is an example of the indirect damage caused by this fire?

7. What is a definition of compliance?

8. A member of staff denies sending a particular message.

Which reliability aspect of information is in danger here?

9. What is the purpose of an Information Security policy?

10. The following are purposes of Information Security, except:


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