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EC-Council CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Online Training - Exam4Training

EC-Council CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Online Training

If you want to through the EC-Council CEH-001 exam to make a stronger position in today’s competitive IT industry, then you need the strong expertise knowledge and the accumulated efforts. And passing the CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam is not easy. You can choose Exam4Training EC-Council CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Online Training. This is training product that specifically made for IT exam. With it you can pass the difficult Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) CEH-001 exam effortlessly.

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1. Consider the following code:

URL: http://www.certified.com/search.pl?


If an attacker can trick a victim user to click a link like this, and the Web application does not validate input, then the victim's browser will pop up an alert showing the users current set of cookies. An attacker can do much more damage, including stealing passwords, resetting your home page, or redirecting the user to another Web site.

What is the countermeasure against XSS scripting?

2. Jayden is a network administrator for her company. Jayden wants to prevent MAC spoofing on all the Cisco switches in the network.

How can she accomplish this?

3. As a normal three-way handshake mechanism system A should send an ACK packet to system B, however, system A does not send an ACK packet to system B. In this case client B is waiting for an ACK packet from client A.

This status of client B is called _________________

4. You just purchased the latest DELL computer, which comes pre-installed with Windows 7, McAfee antivirus software and a host of other applications. You want to connect Ethernet wire to your cable modem and start using the computer immediately. Windows is dangerously insecure when unpacked from the box, and there are a few things that you must do before you use it.

5. What is the problem with this ASP script (login.asp)?

6. Bob has set up three web servers on Windows Server 2008 IIS 7.0. Bob has followed all the recommendations for securing the operating system and IIS. These servers are going to run numerous e-commerce websites that are projected to bring in thousands of dollars a day. Bob is still concerned about the security of these servers because of the potential for financial loss. Bob has asked his company's firewall administrator to set the firewall to inspect all incoming traffic on ports 80 and 443 to ensure that no malicious data is getting into the network.

Why will this not be possible?

7. What file system vulnerability does the following command take advantage of?

type c:anyfile.exe > c:winntsystem32calc.exe: anyfile.exe

8. SNMP is a connectionless protocol that uses UDP instead of TCP packets (True or False)

9. Ursula is a college student at a University in Amsterdam. Ursula originally went to college to study engineering but later changed to marine biology after spending a month at sea with her friends. These friends frequently go out to sea to follow and harass fishing fleets that illegally fish in foreign waters. Ursula eventually wants to put companies practicing illegal fishing out of business. Ursula decides to hack into the parent company's computers and destroy critical data knowing fully well that, if caught, she probably would be sent to jail for a very long time.

What would Ursula be considered?

10. A rootkit is a collection of tools (programs) that enable administrator-level access to a computer. This program hides itself deep into an operating system for malicious activity and is extremely difficult to detect. The malicious software operates in a stealth fashion by hiding its files, processes and registry keys and may be used to create a hidden directory or folder designed to keep out of view from a user's operating system and security software.

What privilege level does a rootkit require to infect successfully on a Victim's machine?


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