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1. Timothy works as a network administrator in a multinational organization. He decides to implement a dedicated network for sharing storage resources. He uses a_______as it seperates the storage units from the servers and the user network.

2. Management wants to bring their organization into compliance with the ISO standard for information security risk management.

Which ISO standard will management decide to implement?

3. Mark is monitoring the network traffic on his organization's network. He wants to detect a TCP and UDP ping sweep on his network.

Which type of filter will be used to detect this on the network?

4. Which of the following is a best practice for wireless network security?

5. John, the network administrator and he wants to enable the NetFlow feature in Cisco routers to collect and monitor the IP network traffic passing through the router.

Which command will John use to enable NetFlow on an interface?

6. Alex is administrating the firewall in the organization's network.

What command will he use to check all the remote addresses and ports in numerical form?

7. Blake is working on the company's updated disaster and business continuity plan. The last section of the plan covers computer and data incidence response.

Blake is outlining the level of severity for each type of incident in the plan. Unsuccessful scans and probes are at what severity level?

8. During a security awareness program, management was explaining the various reasons which create threats to network security.

Which could be a possible threat to network security?

9. Michael decides to view the-----------------to track employee actions on the organization's network.

10. Fred is a network technician working for Johnson Services, a temporary employment agency in Boston. Johnson Services has three remote offices in New England and the headquarters in Boston where Fred works.

The company relies on a number of customized applications to perform daily tasks and unfortunately these applications require users to be local administrators. Because of this, Fred's supervisor wants to implement tighter security measures in other areas to compensate for the inherent risks in making those users local admins. Fred's boss wants a solution that will be placed on all computers throughout the company and monitored by Fred. This solution will gather information on all network traffic to and from the local computers without actually affecting the traffic.

What type of solution does Fred's boss want to implement?


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