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1. An EMC NetWorker backup job has failed 95% of the way through its operation.

Which functionality is provided by the checkpoint restart feature?

2. Which three components comprise EMC NetWorker’s three tier architecture?

3. The three primary types of EMC NetWorker hosts form an architecture/topology.

What is this called?

4. Which feature of EMC NetWorker allows multiplexed, heterogeneous data to reside on the same tape?

5. Which EMC NetWorker feature allows for a failed backup to restart at a known good point prior to the backup failure?

6. An administrator in an EMC NetWorker environment wants to know the exact backup creation date and time along with the backup level.

Which EMC NetWorker functionality should be used to find this information?

7. In EMC NetWorker, what best describes the source capacity licensing model?

8. A storage administrator backs up an Exchange server to an EMC Data Domain system. The Data Domain system is configured as an advanced file device. The administrator now wants to create a copy of the backup and send it to tape. The backup job completed at 8pm. The administrator wants the copy to be created at 9pm.

Which option should be used?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

The calendar shows the level backup that was taken on each day.

Which data is sent to the backup server on Friday's backup?

10. Which method would you use to recover a file to its same location when the entry for that file no longer exists in the client file index?


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