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1. Several servers connected to the Storage Center through FC fabrics using WWN zoning. You recently replaced a server’s FC HBA; however, the server no longer connects to the Storage Center.

What is causing this issue?

2. A storage administrator has multiple servers connected to the Storage Center through two iSCSI networks. You use a software iSCSI Initiator on the servers and the Storage Center runs in Virtual Port Mode.

Which IP address is required in the iSCSI Initiator for proper connectivity?

3. Which processes should be used when testing controller failover on a newly installed Storage Center?

4. Exhibit:

You are troubleshooting disk connectivity issues on an SC9000. The SC9000 has two SC220 enclosures on one chain and two SC280 enclosures on the other chain. You verify the physical cabling and discover the array is cabled as shown in the exhibit.

What identities the issue with how the environment is cabled?

5. After setting up an SC4020 and turning on the system, both controllers initialize to Safe Mode and are ready for configuration You plug the serial cable into the first controller and type the platform prejoin show command You then receive the command output shown in the exhibit

If you continued configuring the controller, what are the reasons why the deployment will fair?

6. You added an existing Storage Center to an instance of Dell Storage Manager using the Volume Manger user. You are able to map volumes in the 10K folder to the servers but not the volumes in the SSD folder.

What is the reason for this issue?

7. You have added two SC420 storage enclosures to an existing SC9000 storage array on a new chain. All new disks are being added to a new disk folder. The disks being installed consist of six SSDs, six 15K, twelve 10K, and twenty-four 7.2K.

What is the default layout of the tiers within the disk folder?





8. After configuring a new SC4020, you receive an alert that all disks are only seen on one path.

What are the reasons for the alert?

9. You are performing failover testing on an FC-attached dual controller SC8000 storage array. You notice that the storage administrator’s Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 servers experience I/O errors.

However, the RHEL and ESX servers are not experiencing any problems. All FC HBA time outs are configured based on Dell EMC best practices.

In addition, the Windows servers that are experiencing issues have had no OS-level configuration changes related to SAN storage. All servers use the same FC fabric.

What is causing the connectivity loss during failover?

10. A dual controller SC Series using iSCSI needs to be installed. The site will use two switches/VLANs and run in Virtual Port mode.

Which exhibit represents the correct iSCSI cabling?





11. Refer to the Exhibit:

If a user expires Replay 2, which page(s) is deleted?

12. A storage administrator wants to perform an SCOS update to SCOS version 6.7.5. The SC Series is currently at SCOS version 6.5.30. The SC Series storage array is located at a secure facility and does not allow connectivity to any network outside the facility.

The Administrator is attempting to use the Storage Center Update Utility to accomplish this task but has been unsuccessful.

What is the reason for this Issue?

13. A site has multiple storage administrators. Some administrators need to be limited to manage only specific volumes. The administrator should be able to create and present volumes within the administrator's area. Those administrators should NOT be able to see any other volumes created in the Storage Center.

How should the deployment engineer accomplish tins task?

14. A company has a four-node Microsoft Windows cluster that runs Microsoft SQL Server databases. Each server boots from its own Boot from SAN volume on the Storage Center. All servers need access to the database volumes. In addition, a server cluster objects has been created with the four servers assigned to it in Dell Storage Manager.

How should the volumes be mapped to these servers using the server cluster?

15. You need to install a dual controller Storage Center with an SC200 enclosure and an SC280 enclosure.

Which exhibit represents the correct back-end cabling?





16. You are adding a 4-port FC card into the SC9000 storage array. Slots 4 C 6 are occupied and Slot 4 contains a half-height card.

Which actions should occur to free up the full height slot and add the FC card?





17. A company has multiple Storage Centers at their primary site and a disaster recovery system at their remote site. Because there company has an important volume that request high availability protection, an outage on one system at the primary location must not cause data to be inaccessible. In addition, disaster recovery protection is required to protect data even if the primary site goes down.

Which recommended technology meets these requirements?

18. During the deployment of an SC Series storage array, the redundancy of a tier may be restricted dual redundancy.

What is the cause for this behavior?

19. You need to physically install an I/O card into an SC9000 storage array.

What must be considered when installing the I/O card?

20. A storage administration needs to enable regular Data Progression to move data between storage tiers. While navigating through the Volume Create wizard, which storage profile should be selected?

21. You map a volume to a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 server and scan for disks within the Windows Disk Management Console. You are able to see multiple Instances of the mapped volume. In addition, the operating system was recently installed on the server that is experiencing the issue. No additional features have been added.

Which action should occur within Windows to correct the issue?

22. You notice that servers connecting through iSCSI are not performing as expected. After reviewing the graphics, you identify high latency due to an excessive number of retransmissions.

What is causing the performance issue?

23. A deployment engineer is installing a dual-controller Storage Center with four FC ports in each controller. This system need to use Legacy Port mode because the AIX version used requires it.

Which two configurations are required to set up the fault domains?

24. You want to perform an SCOS ISO update.

However, you need to determine the BMC IP address first.

What is one way to determine the BMC IP address?

25. A company experienced complete storage outages on some of their servers. The outages occurred when network maintenance was performed within their iSCSI network.

Which configuration areas should be investigated to prevent future outage?

26. You need to configure a server that is connected to a Storage Center through iSCSI. You will need to use one or more hardware iSCSI host bus adapters. In addition, if connectivity is lost due to controller failover, the server needs to reconnect to the Storage Center iSCSI target ports.

27. Refer to the Exhibit:

A dual controller SC Series is connected to a dual fabric and the system is running m Virtual Port Mode When failover is tested, the system does not work as expected What must be changed to correct this issues?

28. A local SC Series storage array is replicating to a remote SC Series storage array. A problem occurs on the local array which causes you to failover to the remote array. Once the issue is controlled, you need to failback to the local array.

However, when you attempt to failback to the local array, no volumes are available to failback.

What is the reason for this Issue?

29. You have created a snapshot profile in which one snapshot is taken every 10 minutes with an expiration time set to “1 week”. You goal is to Improve space utilization without changing the 10-minute Interval between the snapshots.

Which action will achieve this goal?

30. Exhibit: 1

Exhibit: 2

A storage administrator wants to release disks from Tier 3 to move to another storage system that has minimal space. The administrator has decided to migrate the data to Tier 2 to complete this task Based on Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2, what is the approximate amount of data that can be migrated from Tier 3 to



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