RHCE Test Configuration Instructions

Information for the two systems you will use in test is the following: is one of the main sever. mainly used as a client.

Password for both of the two systems is atenorth

System’s IP is provided by DHCP, you can regard it as normal, or you can reset to Static IP in accordance with the following requirements:

The subnet mask is

Your system is a member of DNS domain All systems in DNS domain are all in subnet, the same all systems in this subnet are also in, unless specialized, all network services required to be configured can be accessed by systems of domain group3. provides a centralized authentication service domain

GROUP3.EXAMPLE.COM, both system1 and system2 have already been pre-configured to be the client for this domain, this domain provides the following user account:

Firewall is enabled by default, you can turn it off when deemed appropriate, other settings about firewall may be in separate requirements.

Your system will be restarted before scoring, so please ensure that all modifications and service configurations you made still can be operated after the restart without manual intervention, virtual machine instances of all examinations must be able to enter the correct multi-user level after restart without manual assistance, it will be scored zero if the test using virtual machine system cannot be restarted or be properly restarted.

Corresponding distribution packages for the testing using operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux version can be found in the following link:

Part of the requirements include host security, ensure your host security limit does not prevent the request to allow the host and network, although you correctly configured the network service but would have to allow the host or network is blocked, this also does not score.

You will notice that some requirements which clearly do not allow services be accessed by service domain, systems of this domain are in subnet, and systems of these subnets also belong to my domain.

PS: Notice that some test questions may depend on other exam questions, for example, you might be asked to perform a series of restrictions on a user, but this user creation may be required in other questions. For convenient identification, each exam question has some radio buttons to help you identify which questions you have already completed or not completed. Certainly, you do not need to care these buttons if you don’t need them.

Implement/configure a Web Service.

Configure a site http://systeml. on the system1, then execute the following steps:

(1) Download file from and rename this files index.html, don’t modify the file contents;

(2) Copy the file index.html to your web server’s DocumentRoot directory

(3) Clients from domain can access to this web service

(4) Clients from domain deny access to this web service

Answer: systemctl restart firewalld

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