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1. When developing a supplier partnership, a buyer can take either a strategic or reactive approach .

What would be a reason for a reactive approach?

2. What is a disadvantage of including qualitative KPIs into a contract?

3. In Public Sector procurement a PIN is sent out to inform suppliers of an upcoming tender opportunity .

What does PIN stand for?

4. Brian Air is a company that is trying to break into the air transport market .

Which of the following could be barriers to entry for Brian Air? Select THREE

5. Which of the following documents would you expect a supplier to submit as part of a Request for Proposal? Select THREE

6. Mendelow’s Stakeholder Matrix categorises stakeholders into four groups and provides insight into how these stakeholders should be managed .

What is a limitation to using this Matrix to categorise stakeholders?

7. Which of the following are possible drivers for partnership sourcing? Select THREE.

8. A doctor's surgery requires a complex database system to manage all of its patients data, which is highly sensitive. The system also needs to link to other departments of the health service such as physiotherapy and intensive care. The Manager of the surgery is considering outsourcing the management of the database to an IT company .

What is the Manager's main motivation for doing this?

9. What is the correct order of the stages of team development?

10. Which of the following statements are true of a market place which is considered a 'perfect competition'? Select TWO.


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