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1. Sealines Inc is developing its fleet of cargo ships. The company is planning to build a new ship powered by natural gas. Brian, the procurement manager at Sealines, suggests the project team to develop a through-life specification before engaging with the supplier.

Is this a correct approach?

2. Which of the following activities are considered as secondary activities of an organization? Select TWO that apply

3. A procurement manager is writing a conformance specification for a non-core component. She thinks that if the requirements in specification are higher than ISO standards, her company can achieve greater cost-savings.

Is the procurement manager’s opinion correct?

4. Competitors are increasingly deploying robotics and automation to boost productivity.

Which of the below business sectors does EV Inc belong to?

5. A procurement manager is discussing with other stakeholders about the scope and the implementation of the upcoming construction project. A stakeholder argues that the construction projects are often risky as the overall scope of the work can't be accurately estimated from the beginning. Furthermore, the project spans over a long period, the costs of materials can fluctuate widely. The procurement manager suggests that the pricing structure should be able to cover the supplier's costs plus 10% markup on total costs.

This arrangement is known as...?

6. Facing fiercer competition at home and abroad, IKEA, the leading furniture retailer, needs to im-prove its competitiveness. In order to do this, IKEA must decrease operating costs and improve quality of current and new retail stores. The company establishes a project team. The job of the team is to collect data on performance from multiple stores in several countries, then select the best performing one. The team will work closely with best performing store and study its processes. After the research, the team will recommend best practices to other retail stores. IKEA management can also apply these practices to new stores in the future.

Which of the following correctly describe the process undertaken by IKEA project team?

7. GE has developed TurboProp engine that is made from over 850 metal parts. These parts are sourced from many suppliers. Value of spend on these parts make up 73% of total spend. Any delay in receiving a part will cause a bottleneck around the production of the engine.

Which of the following should be the best course of action of GE's CPO?

8. Which of the following is the best definition of target costing?

9. Why should procurement professionals develop business case before seeking approval to purchase capital equipment?

10. Which of the following is a tool to define roles and responsibilities of a project team?


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