Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is the best answer?

Scenario: Florian Flowers BV

Please read this scenario prior to answering the question

Florian Flowers BV is an international agricultural company exporting flowers and seeds worldwide. Florian is headquartered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and has sales and distribution centers in over 60 countries worldwide. Several of these centers include administrative, manufacturing, and research facilities.

To achieve full integration of their research capabilities with their development centers located in various climate zones, Florian wants to develop strong self-directed teams in each location. Florian also wants to define new business models that are profitable while reducing their impact on the environment. Florian management is deeply committed to ensuring that the company is a world leader in socially responsible

seed development with a business strategy that focuses on profitability through environmentally friendly operating processes.

Florians international operations are subject to various legal and regulatory requirements. In areas such as genetically modified seeds, governmental controls are strictly enforced and compliance is critical. Recently a competitor was heavily fined for violating the regulations in a country where it was developing pest-resistant seeds.

The Governing Board is concerned, and as a result has approved the expenditure of resources to establish an Enterprise Architecture program. They have requested to be informed about the status of projects that could impact regulatory compliance. They also want to enable the corporate legal staff and auditors to analyze proposed architectures to ensure that they are within the legal guidelines for a given location. In addition, the research organization should be able to see that the architecture is appropriate for its needs.

TOGAF 9 has been mandated as the guiding framework for the development and evolution of the Enterprise Architecture practice.

Refer to the Florian Flowers BV Scenario

Florian management has engaged you as the Lead Consultant to assess the current situation. You have been asked to recommend an approach that would enable the development of an architecture that addresses the needs of all these parties.

Based on TOGAF 9, which of the following is the best answer?
A . Depending on the nature of the architecture, a set of models should be created that can be used to ensure that the system will be compliant with the local regulations. Stakeholders should be able to view the models to see that their concerns have been properly addressed.
B . Each architecture activity should be developed using a consistent modeling approach that is uniform across all architecture projects. Each architecture should be defined based on this fixed set of models so that all concerned parties can examine the models to ensure that their issues and concerns have been accessed.
C . For those groups that have sufficient power and level of interest, a special report should be created that summarizes the key features of the architecture with respect to the particular location. Each of these reports should reflect the stakeholders’ requirements.
D . It would be beneficial to develop a stakeholder map that allows the architects to define groups of stakeholders that share common concerns. A set of views should be defined that addresses the concerns each group. Architecture models can then be created for each view to address the stakeholders’ concerns.

Answer: A

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