backups for disaster recovery purposes the best design solution?


CGE decided to virtualize its infrastructure workloads and provide a virtual solution to all end users. The infrastructure workloads include Delivery Controllers, StoreFront servers, License Servers, and Microsoft SQL Servers for databases.

Why is separating workloads by roles, creating a resource pool comprising a maximum of 16 XenServer hosts, and implementing multiple storage repositories for virtual disks, XenMotion, high availability, and

backups for disaster recovery purposes the best design solution?
A . It ensures the logical separation of infrastructure and virtual desktop workloads, and facilitates management and expansion capabilities.
B . It provides workload flexibility to more efficiently leverage available resources within a resource pool, and facilitates expansion options. In addition, daily backups create minimal downtime for critical workloads.
C . It separates infrastructure and virtual desktop workloads according to resource usage characteristics to avoid conflicting situations. In addition, it provides critical database services with sufficient workload-specific resources and failover capabilities.
D . It ensures the logical separation of all workloads and virtual desktops. In addition, the backup solution reduces the risk of data loss and minimizes downtime.

Answer: A

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