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1. The data validation step stresses the need for a knowledgeable individual.

2. Following are the critical variables for deterioration mechanism except

3. If a qra has been prepared for a process unit, the analysis can borrow extensively from this effort.

4. If the probability and consequence combination (risk) is high enough to be unacceptable, then

5. A Rbi analysis shares many of the techniques and data requirements with a____________.


..............Produces inspection and maintenance plans for equipment that shouldbe implemented to provide...............and................

7. Following are some of the recognized risks which cannot be managed by inspection alone except one

8. Potential hazards identified in a pha will often affect the

9. In RBI most of the probability assessment will be

10. The primary audience for rp 580 is

11. ___________is usually not the primaryobjective of a rabiassessment, but it is frequently a side effect of optimization.

12. Probability of failure analysis is made from

13. If multiple inspections have been performed, which inspection may best reflect current operating conditions?

14. The type of failure mode that likely to occur due to mechanical and metallurgical deterioration

15. Hazard identification in a rbi analysis generally focuses on identifiable failure mechanisms in the equipment (inspectable causes) but does not explicitly deal with

16. Reliability efforts, such as reliability centered maintenance (rem), can be linked with rbi, resulting in an integrated program to

17. Some failures have potentially serious consequences, but if the probabilityof the incident is low, then

18. Fora typical inspection program, if excessive inspectionis applied then,

19. Act of mitigating a known risk to a lower level of risk.

20. When in accurate or insufficient failure data exists on the specific equipment item for quantative probability of failure analysis then

21. Process to find, list, and characterize elements of risk

22. The models are evaluated_____________to provide both qualitative and quantitative insights about the level of risk and to identify the design, site, or operational characteristics that are the most important to risk

23. When the inspection program is optimized based on an understanding of risk, one or more of the following cost reduction benefits may be realized. Except one

24. Qualitative analysis is done and the outcome will be

25. Rbi is focused on a systematic determination of

26. If a very aggressive acid is carried over from a corrosion resistant part of a system into a downstream vessel that is made of carbon steel, the result would be

27. Probability side of the risk equation is normally managed by

28. _____________represents the next generation of inspection approachesand interval setting, recognizing that the ultimate goal of inspection is the safety and reliability of operating facilities

29. No deterioration found in the inspection program but still failure can occur under the following conditions.

30. Limitation of any negative consequence or reduction in probability of a particular event

31. ______________ provides a consistent methodology for assessing the optimum combination of methods and frequencies.

32. A physical condition or a release of a hazardous material that could result from component failure and result in human injury or death, loss or damage, or environ- mental degradation

33. Following is the unit of measure of consequence that is least developed among those currently used for rbi assessment

34. Risk presented in quantitative risk analysis as a

35. The program that is focused on understanding failure modes, addressing the modes and therefore improving the reliability of equipment and process facilities.

36. Sec occurs when equipment is exposed to environments

37. Through__________________, inspection activities arefocusedonhigher risk items and away from lower risk items.

38. Following are the non-inspection mitigation actions except one

39. Consequence side of the risk equation is normally managed by

40. ______________to be established to judge acceptability of risk couldhe an objective of the rbi assessment if such criteria do not exist already within the user's company.

41. _________________curves are referred for the deterioration mechanismfor carbon and low ally steel materials.

42. The following assumption can bemade that significantly impact the calculated corrosion rate early in the equipment life

43. Rbi requires the commitment and cooperation of the

44. The type of failure mode that likely to occur due to ssc

45. The ability to state the rate of deterioration precisely is affected by the following except

46. Method used for consequence analysis should demonstrate the ability to provide

47. Who can provide useful input (such as the spectrum of process conditions, injection points etc.) To aid materials specialists in the identification of deterioration mechanisms and rates

48. Reliability efforts, such as reliability centered maintenance (rcm), can be linked with rbi, resulting in an integrated program to

49. Thing or activity with a potential for con- sequence

50. A process to assess risks, to determine if risk reduction is required and to develop a plan to maintain risks at an acceptable level

51. In the event of a leak the potential failure of an isolation valve could

52. Termination of the ability of a system, structure, or component to perform its required function of containment of fluid (le loss of containment)

53. Generally, a qualitative analysisusingbroad ranges requiresa__________________from the user than a quantitative approach.

54. Failure mode can primarily affects the

55. Rbimay include methodologiestoassess the effectiveness of the management systems in maintaining

56. The primary work products of the rbi assessment and management approach and implementation of rbi provides

57. The amount and type of codes and standards used by a facility can have

58. If the material of construction and internal/external conditions are the same

59. When equipment has low deterioration rates as an inspector what you decide in lieu of internal inspection.

60. Potential source of errors in rbi analysis regarding data quality are the following except

61. Methods that use engineering judgment and experience as the bases for the analysis of probabilities and consequences of failure

62. _______________in a safety context is a hazard.

63. The event may be

64. In process plants are established to detect and evaluate deterioration due to in service operation.

65. The suitability and current condition of the equipment withinthecurrent operating envelope will determine the ______________ of the equipment from one or more deterioration mechanisms.

66. Depending on the methodology employed in qualitative analysis, the categories may be described with words such as


Rbi as an integrated management tool that complements.

68. Rbi may include methodologies to assess the effectiveness ofthe management systems in maintaining

69. Deterioration for specific process equipmentis not available, this can be sourced from


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