Vlocity Vlocity Platform Developer Vlocity Platform Developer Exam (v5.0) Online Training

Vlocity Vlocity Platform Developer certification exam marks a higher rank in the IT sector. In this Vlocity Vlocity Platform Developer Vlocity Platform Developer Exam (v5.0) Online Training there are all new questions of Platform Developer Vlocity Platform Developer exam involved which hints you towards your accomplishment if you want success with worthy grades, which gives you exactly those which will be supportive for you in your final exams and as far as my involvement Exam4Training is the best for you as it has all the valuable online exam material which is vital for Vlocity Platform Developer Vlocity Platform Developer Exam (v5.0) exam.

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1. in an OmniScript, you need to get data from a single field ina Salesforce record.

What element does this?

2. You configured a FlexCard with a DataRaptor data source which uses the params.id as an input. When you click View Data on the FlexCard, valid data displays. However, when you preview the layout, the FlexCard does not display.

What could cause this error? Choose 2 answers

3. In an Integration Procedure, you need to perform a multi-step calculation on every element of an array. Based on best practices, what two methods are recommended? Choose 2 answers

4. You want a child FlexCard to use the parent's data source.

What do you need to do to make it work? Choose 2 answers

5. Why would you clone an Integration Procedure instead of versioning it?

6. What can be launched with an action button on a FlexCard?

7. What should your first step be in troubleshooting whether a DataRaptor Extract is retrieving data?

8. Which of these checkboxes helps prevent a DataRaptor Load from creating duplicate records?

9. If the email address of a Contact is changed in an OmniScript, which of the following should be configured to update the contact's record in Salesforce? Multiple Books

10. You want to edit a FlexCard.

Which question should you ask and answer before you make changes to the active version of the FlexCard?


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