Juniper JN0-680 Data Center, Professional Online Training

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1. Which EVPN service consists of a single broadcast domain per EVPN instance?

2. You are implementing a Virtual Chassis using QFX5100s and EX4300s in your data center.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

3. A customer notices that all traffic is traveling over a single link within their partially meshed IP Fabric using IBGP. While troubleshooting, the customer notices that the configuration is missing a configuration parameter.

Which parameter would the customer use to solve this problem?


A customer has a 3-stage Clos architecture with three spine devices as shown in the exhibit.

If a single spine device fails, what percentage of the remaining bandwidth will be available from leaf node to leaf node?


Referring to the exhibit, which hardware change would be made to the IP Fabric to ensure an exact 4:1 oversubscription ratio?

6. A customer has built a VXLAN using an EVPN signaling infrastructure with remote facilities with VXLAN using EVPN signaling connected to the Internet. The customer notices that the network is completely stable with no protocol errors in the underlay or overlay. The customer, however, cannot pass any application data across the network.

Which statement would explain the intermittent loss?

7. You have deployed a multicast server attached to a QFX5100 Series device serving as a VTEP.

Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

8. Which protocol is used between VCF member devices to create a loop-free topology?


Referring to the exhibit, each leaf node is a QFX5100 acting as a VXLAN Layer 2 Gateway using EVPN signaling. Leaf 2 and Leaf 3 are both attached to the same EVPN Ethernet segment. Leaf 2 has been elected the designated forwarder for VLAN 200 on that Ethernet segment.

In this scenario, which two actions will Leaf 1 perform with the broadcast Ethernet frame received from Host A? (Choose two.)

10. You have built a mixed-mode VCF consisting of two QFX5100-24Qs as spines, two QFX5100-48S as leaf nodes, and one EX4300 as a leaf node. The VCF is working for all devices, except the EX4300 40GbE fabric links will not join the VCF.

In this scenario, what must be corrected to solve the connectivity problem?