HP HPE2-N68 Using HPE Containers Online Training

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1. What is one requirement tor using the pre-check config rite to install HPE EzmeralContainer Platform v5.2 on a controller host?

2. You want to connect a Kubernetes pod to a Persistent Volume (PV) .

What step must you complete before creating the pod?

3. Which correctly describes components of the Hadoop framework?

4. What is one benefit that HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides for loT deployments?

5. You need to enable the Al/ML project option for a Kubernetes tenant on HPE Ezmeral Container Platform .

What Is a requirement?

6. What is a setting that you are allowed to change after you deploy a Kubernetes cluster?

7. A company wants to use Ezmeral Data Fabric to provide storage to Kubernetes Tenants on HPE Ezmeral Container Platform .

What deployment option should you choose?

8. How does HPE Ezmeral Container Platform regulate the use of GPUs on EPIC hosts?

9. You have created a Kubernetes Tenant on Ezmeral Container Platform. Users want to use the Kubect1tab in the Tenant UI to apply objects from YAML files .

What is a requirement?

10. Refer to the exhibits.

You want the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform gateway to provide external access to the service shown in the exhibit. The service is deployed in the Kubernetes Tenant tor which the exhibit shows the settings. However, it is not currently doing so.

What correction must you make to achieve this goal?