Huawei H35-510-ENU Huawei Certified Network Associate-GSM RNP&RNO Online Training

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1. How is the antenna gain obtained?

2. If DTX technology is used, the phone does not need to transmit anything during the interval of voice.

3. Which of the following radio wave bands does the frequency band currently used by the GSM system belong to?

4. In the mobile communication system, the diffraction capability and penetration capability of the 900M signal are better than the 1800M signal.

5. A 10W power signal, after an attenuator (the loss is 6dB), the power is?

6. The location area is a subset of the routing area, and one or more location areas form a routing area.

7. E-GSM frequency band means:

8. According to the GSM specification, if the receiving sensitivity of the base station is -110 dBm, then in order to ensure normal operation, the maximum value of the first adjacent interference level of the carrier frequency is?

9. Slow fading rate is mainly determined by?

10. GSM frequency hopping mode can be divided into frame hopping and slot hopping according to time domain. Frame hopping means that each hopping frequency point is changed once every TDMA frame period, and slot hopping refers to the frequency change of each slot of TDMA frame once.