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1. A virtual machine whose status is "running" can only clone one virtual machine at a time, the batch cloning is not supported.

2. A company has deployed services on the FusionCompute platform. In order to optimize the memory access performance of the virtual machine, which one of the following virtual machine features needs to be used?

3. The virtual machine network QoS policy provides bandwidth configuration control capabilities, and the QoS function supports traffic restrictions between virtual machines on the same host.

4. Load balancing can share specific services to multiple network devices or multiple links, thereby improving service processing capabilities and ensuring high service reliability.

5. Which of the following can achieve load balancing between different hosts in a FusionCompute cluster?

6. In the early stage of an enterprise's operation, two physical hosts are used to deploy the FusionCompute platform to carry services. The two hosts are in the same cluster. VM 1 runs on host A and VM 2 runs on host B. The service needs to reduce the load on host A, the technician is now migrating VM1 on host A to host B and finds that the migration cannot be completed. Which of the following is the possible reason?

7. Which of the following is not a feature of 5G?

8. A company is migrating its service system to the FusionComute virtualization platform, and the management plane and service plane are on different network segments. However, due to incorrect configuration, services of a Linux virtual machine cannot run normally after the migration. Which of the following methods cannot be used by engineers to log in to the faulty virtual machine for troubleshooting?

9. In the FusionCompute virtualization platform, Tools are installed in the same way on all operating systems.

10. As a rapidly developing technology in recent years, cloud computing has its own unique advantages. The advantages of cloud computing include: on-demand self-service, extensive network access, higher performance, and measurable services.