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1. Business accompanying is-A special access control method, according to the user's access location, access time, access method and terminal use to grant designated investment limits, among which the physical connection can be divided into 3 Class, excluding which of the following access methods?

2. Which of the following files can the sandbox detect? (multiple choice)

3. View on the switch Agile Controller-Campus The policy issued by the server is as follows:

For this strategy, which of the following options are correct? (Multiple choice)

4. Identity authentication determines whether to allow access by identifying the identity of the access device or user.

5. Regarding the enhanced mode in HTTP Flood source authentication, which of the following descriptions are correct? Multiple choices

6. Prosecution in the cloud sandbox

For the ordering of the process, which of the following options is correct?

7. The following is the 802.1X access control switch configuration:

[S5720] dot1x authentication-method eap

[S5720-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] port link-type access

[S5720-GigabitEthemet0/0/1] port default vlan 11

[S5720-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] authentication dot1x

Assuming that GE0/0/1 is connected to user 1 and user 2 through the HUB, which of the following options is correct?

8. Tianyu Nei answered the role of safety filtering technology, which of the following is still correct? (multiple choice)

9. In the security protection system of the cloud era, reforms need to be carried out in the three stages before, during and after the event, and a closed-loop continuous improvement should be formed.

And development .

Which of the following key points should be done in "things"? (multiple choice)

10. In the scenario of SACG linkage in bypass mode, only the traffic initiated by the terminal user will pass through the firewall, and the server will return to the terminal in use.

The traffic does not need to go through the firewall y. For the firewall, it belongs to the scenario of inconsistent traffic back and forth paths, this needs to turn off the session state check function.