Huawei H12-425_V2.0-ENU HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0 Online Training

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1. Which of the following descriptions for the configuration of the PDU8000 modular precision power distribution cabinet is correct?

2. If the customer's load cannot be powered off, what should be paid attention to disconnecting the maintenance bypass switch after the maintenance is completed?

3. The default battery charging voltage of UPS2000-G is () V/CELL.

4. Which of the following features are standard features of NETCOL8000-C air conditioners?

5. Three groups of 9AH battery packs are connected in parallel to UPS2000-G-6KVA, the battery capacity should be set to ().

6. The straight pipe distance of NETCOL5000-C pipeline fixed title is ().

7. When the outdoor units of Huawei air-cooled air conditioners are installed horizontally, the distance between the two outdoor units is ≥ () MM.

8. When the internal short circuit of the battery occurs, the charging voltage of the faulty battery (), the open circuit voltage is low (generally less than 1V/CELL).

9. In the naming of UPS5000-E-120K-HASBS, the meaning of the letter E is ().

10. The () components of Huawei NETCOL5000-A in-line precision air conditioner are optional parts.