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1. An enterprise customers deployed two U1981 for dual-standby in the headquarters, and in the A and B place branches respectively deployed a U1960 as a local gateway. One day, because the operator network fault, A place U1960 can't detect the heartbeat of standby U1981, but B place U1960 and standby U1981 connection is normal, then ( ).

2. An enterprise occurs an unknown communications failure, leading to all users UC services are not available.

In this case, what handling strategy should be taken?

3. What status display does eSpace client default support?

4. Which of the following functions does eSpace UC solution attendant desk seats does not have?

5. When you configure a AR router in a branch node, in the AR router configuration outside calls, the configuration process is: configure callroute first, and then configure prefix or trunk-group, and finally configure Strunk-group or Prefix, but outgoing calls routing logic process in AR routers is ( ).

6. In recording solutions, IP phone users can record in two ways: on-demand recording and automatic recording.

7. About multi-node centralized network, which of the following statement is correct?

8. AR routers 8FE1GE boards commonly used in small and medium enterprises, enterprise branch Ethernet access, mainly to complete two and three wire-speed switching and device management functions, WSIC card form, provides 8 FE interfaces and one GE interface, can be connected office terminal, PC, IP phones and switches.

9. eSpace UC solution can provide the recording function via UMS components.

10. An enterprise is equipped with headquarters and branch offices, a total of 1,000 employees, having the cross-regional, cross-sectoral collaboration communication needs.

In this case, what is the most suitable deployment mode?