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1. What is the highest level of access for Tableau Online?

2. Because Tableau Online is a SaaS analytics platform, Tableau monitors the infrastructure and operations; however, Tableau Online deployments still have monitoring tasks.

Where do you subscribe to get updates via email, text, and Atom Feed when Tableau creates, updates or resolves an incident?

3. What type of account is required if an organization uses a core-based license on Tableau Server, which allows people to view Tableau dashboards embedded in web pages WITHOUT having to sign-in to the server?

4. Which site role is being described?

• Can browse and interact with published views

• Can subscribe to content, create data driven alerts

• Open workbooks in the web authoring environment for ad-hoc queries, BUT CANNOT save their work

5. For all Active Directory scenarios, which Run As Service Account type should be used?

6. Which command should you run to verify your SMTP connection?

7. In some instances, Tableau Server license activation may fail. If you encounter this situation, what is the first thing that you need to do to try to resolve this issue?

8. True or False: In a multi-node cluster, you can use a combination of Linus and Windows operating systems in the nodes that comprise the cluster

9. True or False:

To make API calls with HTTPS, you must configure Tableau Server to use SSL

10. A Tableau Server user received an error message that states: "The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered." - which of the following reasons below IS NOT a plausible reason for this?


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