Symantec 250-447 Administration of Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5 Online Training

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1. How should an administrator define which resources are selected by a resource filter in the Computers blade of the IT Management Views?

2. Which object can an admin assign security permissions to that will allow resource scoping to occur in a report?

3. A company has an environment where only some computers have the Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV) agent installed.

What happens to computers without the SWV Agent when an administrator distributes an MSI application through a Managed Delivery policy to all company computers and installs the application into a virtual layer?

4. An administrator is tasked with implementing an IT Management Suite 8.5 solution that will centrally manage 30,000 endpoints.

Which is the best architecture to support this environment?

5. An administrator is tasked with tracking the IT department's vehicles. The department currently has 8 vehicles and is expected to add 4 additional vehicles during the next year.

Which steps must the administrator take to track the vehicles?

6. Which action does the Symantec Management Agent perform when it receives a tickle packet?

7. Which function within the Symantec Installation Manager ensures that all prerequisites are met prior to installing IT Management Suite 8.5?

8. A corporate president has decided to centralize management of operating system updates after a virus spread through the corporate network. The president requires the ability to create reports about which updates have been deployed, which updates are still needed, and other information that will demonstrate the security of the network.

Which two (2) features of IT Management Suite 8.5 provide all of the required functionality? (Select two.)

9. Which option in the SMC will cause an inventory policy to run and report data at random times during a user-specified window?

10. Which website should an administrator browse to when solving Package Service Installation issues to check that the endpoint can resolve to the server?


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