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1. True or False: When a user creates a role, they are initially assigned ownership of the role and they maintain ownership until it is transferred to another user.

2. True or False: You can define multiple columns within a clustering key on a table.

3. True or False: When active, a pipe requires a dedicated Virtual Warehouse to execute.

4. Which of the following statements is true of data loading?

5. which of the following are valid approaches to loading data into a snowflake table? select all the below that apply.

6. Which of the following are valid methods for authenticating users for access into Snowflake? (Select THREE)

7. Snowflake recommends, as a minimize, that all users with the following roles(s) should be enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

8. Which of the following statement is true of Snowflake?

9. True or False: A third-party tool that supports standard JDBC or ODBC but has no Snowflake-specific driver will be unable to connect to Snowflake.

10. What parameter controls if the Virtual warehouse starts immediately after the CREATE WAREHOUSE statement?


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