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1. Given these two addLayer action calls:

How many trainable parameters for layer fc2?


("Note: This is an interactive item Follow the instructions to answer the question Scroll bars may appear it the windows are too smart Each window can be resized by dragging on the 5 circles located between windows)

You are building a CNN for an image classification task

Drag the layers on the left to the slots on the right in the appropriate order (from top to bottom) for this task

You have the number of layers listed below

• Input Layer (1)

• Output Layer (1)

• Convolutional Layer (1)

• Fully Connected Layer (2)

• Pooling Layer (1)

3. Which option is the correct activation (unction for the output layer in a CNN model trained to classify an image belonging to one of the n classes (CI. C2, C3, , Cn)?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

Exhibit A details the structure of a convolutional model Exhibit B provides details o( each layer in the model The blue arrowed lines represent connections between layers.

What is the depth of the residual layer depicted above'?

5. Which statement is TRUE about importing documents into SAS Visual Text Analytics using the Explore and Visualize Data menu?



Review the code in the CASL and Python tabs The code sets are the same but in different languages Given this code which statement correctly describes this recurrent neural network built by the code set1?

7. Given the category rule:

Which document would be identified based on the text strings in the answer options?

8. Which statement is TRUE concerning the "dropout" option?

9. Refer to the Exhibit Tab:

An analyst is trying to find Aviation Safety Reports (ASR) related to taxiway and runway incursions

• She does not know the LITI language

• She finds that 3 of the 14 derived topics have keywords related to incursion incidents.

• She would like to examine documents that discuss incursions from the current ASR document collection

Which strategy will best support the analyst's goals?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statements are TRUE? (Choose two)


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