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1. A membership organization needs to send out automated renewal emails on a 30/60/90 period. Each referenced email template needs to differ based on the members' web site visits.

Which automation method should a consultant recommend?

2. A donor donates $500 to a nonprofit that is matched by his employer.

How are the hard credits and soft credits listed in NPSP?

3. A consultant is importing a number of new individual gifts from a recent fundraising event for a non-profit that is using NPSP. It is very important that donors receive credit for these new donations.

Where is the automatic Opportunity Contact Role hard credit value configured for this scenario?

4. A nonprofit organization receives a lot of grants, many of which are renewals of previous grants from the same funder. The organization wants to be able to easily access the previous grant information.

What should the consultant advise to capture this in Salesforce?

5. During the Build phase of a project, one line of business requests the addition of a new field that is essential for its business process. A different line of business objects to the request and says that this field is unnecessary and will result in duplicate data.

How should the consultant handle this?

6. An international nonprofit organization added a translated relationship picklist value, however the reciprocal relationship record is not displaying correctly.

What is the cause of this error?

7. A nonprofit organization is using Salesforce with the NPSP pre-installed. The nonprofit organization wants to give prospective volunteers a way to fill out their volunteer application online.

How should this be accomplished?

8. A volunteer manager at a nonprofit organization needs to be able to search for volunteers with landscaping skills who are available at a given time. The organization is using Volunteers for Salesforce.

What should the consultant advise?

9. The executive director at a nonprofit organization wants to have a report to see how much each board member has raised by either direct gifts or gifts they helped to influence for this fiscal year. There is a custom checkbox field on the Contact record to indicate board members.

How should the consultant create this report?

10. A nonprofit organization wants to record the most recent Opportunity close date on Contact records. The nonprofit organization expects the field on the Contact to be overwritten every time a new Opportunity meets the criteria.

Which feature should the consultant use to meet this requirement?


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